Innovators, problem solvers, binge watchers…

Our people wear a lot of different hats.

Of course, we’re tech experts.

After all, that’s what our business is all about. But behind the business cards, our people are some pretty amazing people. Active in their communities. 100% one-of-a-kind. And committed to leading by example. It’s been the same story since we first opened our doors in 1996. See for yourself.

Rudain Arafeh

Founder, President and CEO, CDO/Flat Tire Record Holder

In 1996… While starting Configure, Rudain drove across the US with his wife. Thanks to ongoing car troubles (flats), they were able to spend (unscheduled) time in almost every state between Tennessee and California. Besides founding Configure, Rudain mentors multiple startups and individuals starting their own businesses.

Mike Brazeau

Executive Vice President/Speed Demon

In 1996… Mike was fresh out of the Marine Corps and going to college while starting his IT career as an IT administrator and “Webmaster” for a publishing company.  Mike likes to go fast, whether it’s downhill mountain biking or driving cars, the faster the better!

Richard Dial

Chief Information Security Officer / Maker of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich

In 1996… Richard was settling into his new role as a Novell Netware administrator in the great city of Atlanta.  When he wasn’t working, he was celebrating Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Games.

Bob Marcucci

Vice President of Sales/Former Spy

In 1996… Bob worked for AT&T and had his own parking space (boy, have things changed). He actually has one at Configure but works from home so that doesn’t do him any good. Bob’s first job out of college was at the CIA (but he will neither confirm or deny this).

Jawad Ahmed

Director of Engineering/Sports Wonk

In 1996… Jawad was living in Chicago and witnessed the Chicago Bulls cement their legacy as one of greatest basketball teams ever. Jawad manages the team that builds great networks for our customers.  In his spare time, Jawad loves to travel, watch movies and lot of NFL & MLB. Like a whole lot.

Bryan Hodges

Director of Operations/Renowned Pizza Expert

In 1996… Bryan was assigned to the Air National Guard Aerial Port packing parachutes used for heavy equipment drops and marking targets for C-130 aircraft to drop payloads during practice. Before that he worked at a family-owned pizzeria where he developed his love of pizza…and tips.

Phillip Adams

Director of SD WAN Engineering and Deployment/Drone Pilot

In 1996… Phillip installed what may be the shortest T1 carrier circuit ever for a company in San Jose. Total distance (to come). He’s an avid SIM racer and his preferred car is a GTR. He also builds and flies drones and is studying for the FAA Part 107 exam to fly drones commercially.